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Martin Gillin in Joe Biden’s first speech to Congress

That was 100 days ago Joe Biden arrives at the White House, weak and confused after a brutal presidential election and a historic plague.

His progressive voters were skeptical. Republicans portrayed him as a forgotten uncle who was already on the ice.

Slightly in the shadows, without making much fuss, Biden implemented one of the most ambitious reform plans in recent American history.

During the first trimester As president, he has proven more effective than any Democrat in the White House since Lyndon Johnson in the historic spring of 1965.

He signed a massive crisis package and eleven new laws, enforced 42 decrees and rescinded 62 of Donald Trump’s decisions.

The Washington Post summarized Biden’s first time in the White House as a “historic expansion of the state apparatus” in a keynote speaker prior to tonight’s speech.

If we get faith Biden Speech to the Nation So this expansion is only just beginning.

Photo: Melina Mara / The Washington Post / Shutterstock

Dozens fired It promises to dramatically expand the role of the federal state, with massive investments in infrastructure and welfare.

All in all, it appears that Biden, the shy center-right Democrat, may eventually become the president who ends the Ronald Reagan era. Reagan said, as is well known, that “the state is not the solution, the state is the problem.” The common thread in Biden’s speech last night was the opposite message: that Washington is essential to resolving contemporary crises.

Joe Biden is trying to offer the American people a new social contract and a new vision of what Washington can achieve.

Surrounded by the vice president Kamala Harris on the left and Speaker of Parliament Nancy Pelosi on the right has been systematically nurturing his tangible political victories since taking office. The fastest vaccination in the world. 160 million checks, along with incentive grants, sent to American families and families. Millions of new jobs and reduced unemployment. He portrayed the United States as a country the outside world could once again trust, with the economy in its shadows and where the pandemic was about to be tamed.

Put less emphasis on the areas in which they receive the most criticism. The humanitarian crisis is at the border, as a record number of unaccompanied children and migrants are seeking asylum. The complex conflict with China, which has often been reduced to a series of explosive promises to boost American industry and domestic manufacturing. He won a standing ovation for the first time for his statement that “wind turbines should be built in Pittsburgh, not Beijing.”

But a recurring theme has been his promises to continue to increase massive government investment in infrastructure, climate policy reform, education, social safety nets, research and science. It is difficult to remember when an American president last expressed such strong confidence in “Washington” and the role of the federal state apparatus.

Photo: Melina Mara / The Washington Post / Shutterstock

Biden and his advisors They seem to think they have a tailwind after the successes of the crisis packages and vaccinations, which he described as “one of the greatest logistical victories this country has seen.”

He now hopes to reject dozens of other ambitious electoral promises, with the help of the smallest possible majority in Congress.

Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson described his short time in majority rule and the sweeping reforms as “the liberal hour.” Within a few months, Johnson achieved the largest expansion of welfare in the United States in three decades.

It now appears that Biden wants to create a similar moment, when the ideological direction in American politics will be significantly altered.

When Barack Obama tried Implementing a fraction of the economic and social reforms Biden is now implementing, massive protests were immediately mobilized, calling Obama a tyrant because, for example, he tried to expand access to health care. Why is Biden avoiding that? In part, that might be because he’s a seemingly shy and inoffensive white uncle. Even Republicans couldn’t hate Biden.

But this is mainly because Biden’s reform program is popular with voters.

Around 60 percent of Americans want to see the huge investments in infrastructure and social welfare that Biden is championing. He also has widespread support for his proposals to raise taxes for the richest in the United States, to fund an ambitious family policy reform, which is expected to include parental leave, child support, and public nurseries for children between the ages of three and four. He received a loud applause in Congress for his promise to end child poverty.

Biden Confidence Figures Much higher than Donald Trump at the same time, but slightly below Obama’s numbers at the same time. Even so, Biden appears to be taking advantage of a divided and vague opposition in her criticism of the president. Neither Republican leaders nor prominent right-wing media voices have long crafted a coherent attack on Biden. Instead, conservative media has devoted the past few weeks to defusing conspiracy theories that say Biden wants to ban meat.

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