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Massive fire at Luton Airport in London

Massive fire at Luton Airport in London

A fire broke out on Tuesday evening in a car park at Luton Airport, outside London.

Witnesses at the scene say you can hear vehicle alarms screaming and explosions from the parking garage. Watch speaking BBC The fire swept through the top floor of the parking lot with “incredible” speed.

Four firefighters and an airport employee were taken to the hospital due to smoke damage. Another person was treated at the scene, but his injuries were not serious.

The fire is said to have caused a “major structural collapse” in the multi-storey building. It is also said that about 1,500 vehicles were parked there, most of which were suspected to have been damaged or destroyed.

50,000 people may be affected

All flights are suspended until 3pm local time.

The airport says they are now prioritizing support for emergency services and reviewing the safety of all passengers and staff, which is why flights have been cancelled.

An aviation expert told the BBC that between 40,000 and 50,000 people could be affected by the stoppage. Luton Airport says it hopes to resume operations “as soon as possible”.

It is believed the fire was accidentally started in a car that arrived at the same time as the fire started at around 9pm on Tuesday.

Footage shared online shows huge flames and clouds of smoke billowing from the top level of the car park. It is also said that several cars exploded.

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