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Mathura 2022. English and German, Basic Level.  What will be in the exam?

Mathura 2022. English and German, Basic Level. What will be in the exam?

Mathematics and a foreign language Polish language It is one of the three compulsory Mudura exams that every high school graduate must take. The examiner selects a modern foreign language from a list of six languages The regulation of the Central Electoral Commission is as follows:

  • English,
  • French,
  • Spanish language,
  • German,
  • Russian,
  • Italian language.

Traditionally, among students, frequently selected modern languages English and German At the primary level. English selection To begin with Friday, May 6 at 9 p.m. A German Exam at 14. High school graduates have to solve tasks 120 minutesIt takes two hours. To overcome High School Diploma in English and GermanYou have to get it At least 30 percent points.

Mathura selection in English I Mathura selection in German Divided into four parts:

  • Asking Conception,
  • Understanding the texts written,
  • Knowledge of language resources,
  • Article.

Related tasks Understanding behind listening Twice played and usually dialogues, interviews or monologues.

The high school graduate must prove himself in the following questions Reading and understanding I Knowledge of lexical and grammatical linguistic mechanisms.

Last job in English and German in Mathura exam Writing a text in the form of a letter or message. The speech should have an explanation, justify your opinion and present arguments.

A total of 50 marks can be obtained in English and German at the basic level in the matriculation examination (40 points for closed work and 10 points for written work).

What problems need to be repeated in English before the Mathura exam? In general, the focus is on knowledge of the period. Mathura selection at the basic level focuses on seven modes. Therefore, let us recall the rules for use:

  • The present tense is simple,
  • Current sequel,
  • Currently correct,
  • Past tense,
  • Dead time series verb,
  • Last completed,
  • The future is simple.

It may also be useful for you Knowledge of the penetration of irregular verbs And Vocabulary Related to family, home, education and travel.

CKE sheet from English and German with answers The Mathura exam proposed by our experts will be available on the Interia website on Friday, May 6, shortly after it is released by the Central Election Commission.. For English it will be after 2pm and for German – after 7pm.

In our report Mathura 2022. Sheets You will find CKE sheets and unofficial answers At the basic level Polish, Mathematics, English and German and at the advanced level many subjects including: Mathematics, English, Polish, Geography, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

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