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Mathura Results 2022. When will high school graduates get their results?  How to check them on computer?

Mathura Results 2022. When will high school graduates get their results? How to check them on computer?

This year the Matura exams started on 4th May. High school graduates wrote the first three days He holds a bachelor’s degree Imperative: From language Polish, mathematics and a foreign language. On later dates, up to May 23, examinations continued in other subjects.

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Mathura 2022. When will the exam results be available?

This year Mathura exam has been completed by 289 thousand candidates. Graduates of high schools and technical schools. Everyone is eagerly waiting for their exam results. After weeks of uncertainty, on July 5, high school graduates will find out how many points they managed to score on the test. The results of all the mutura examinations will appear on the portal prepared by the district examination authority On Tuesday July 5 at 8:30 p.m. On the same day, schools also receive information about the results of their students and then provide them with the documents.

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“The certificate contains the detailed results obtained by the candidate. The results of the examinations in individual subjects in the written part are given in two forms: (a) as a percentage of marks obtained and (b) as an item in percentage. A scale indicating the percentage of passers who obtained the same or lower result than the certificate. Oral examination results obtained Only percentage of marks will be awarded” – we read in the Central Examination Commission report.

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Mathura 2022. How to Check Your High School Diploma Results Online?

High school graduates who want to check their results online need to log into the system ZIU. For this they need a unique login and password which they got in school. To login, after entering the website, enter your login and password, then our results will appear. If you’ve lost your password, you’ll need to go back to the school, where a new one will be generated for you.

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