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Melonie dumps her partner after a scathing audio file

Melonie dumps her partner after a scathing audio file

The announcement comes after the Italian Prime Minister’s partner made several sexually charged comments in relation to the recording of the TV show he leads – “Il diario del giorno” – without knowing that they were being recorded, he writes. Republic.

Among other things, Andrea Giambruno reveals in the audio recording that he is having an affair – and is also trying to seduce a female employee to participate in a “threesome” with his mistress.

After showing prime-time audio recordings of the hugely popular satirical program “Striscia la notizia”, ​​Giorgia Meloni announced in a post on X that her relationship with Giambruno, with whom she has a seven-year-old daughter, had become uncertain. more.

“Our relationship, which lasted almost ten years, ended here,” she wrote. In this postAdding that the couple had been living separately for some time.

It’s also not the first time Andrea Giambruno has ended up in bad weather. Last summer, when several temperature records were broken in Italy, he was criticized for repeatedly questioning climate change on his talk show.

Giabruno also came under fire for saying, after several high-profile gang rapes in Italy, that: “If women avoid getting drunk and black out, they might be able to avoid situations where they end up with predators.” printing.

Andre Giambruno is the presenter of the program “Diario del giorno” on the commercial TV channel Mediaset. Photo: Roberto Monaldo/AP/TT

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