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Merkel will “sleep quietly” when Schulz takes power

Merkel will soon retire from politics after 16 years in power. And her party bloc, the Christian Democrats/CDU, has also left the top spot in German politics after its massive election loss earlier this fall. Instead, power is likely to take over a three-party government made up of the Social Democratic Party, the Free Democratic Party and the Green Party. On Thursday, the three announced that the goal was to appoint SPD’s Schulz as the new chancellor in early December.

“Kingdom Financial Guardianship”

– There will be political changes, of course. But Merkel told the Süddeutsche Zeitung in an article published on Friday that I would be able to sleep peacefully.

Merkel is currently leading a major alliance with CDU/CSU and SPD. Thus, Schulz is already in the German government, and in addition to his position as Vice-Chancellor, he also holds the position of Minister of Finance.

Germany is a country that prides itself on maintaining strict budget discipline, and Merkel mentions in the interview that Schulz has “guarded the country’s finances since 2018” and has not given the impression that he is wasting things.

several farewell

Until the new German government is ready to take over, Angela Merkel will remain the transitional leader.

The veteran leader, who has already said goodbye to the international stage, says she is “flexible” in not knowing in advance exactly what her last day on the job will be.

– I didn’t think about what I should do the next day, she adds.

Facts: Angela Merkel

German chancellor. Doctor of Physics.

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He was born in 1954 in Hamburg. Her father was a priest, and her mother worked as a teacher of Latin and English. The family moved to East Germany when Angela Merkel, then named Kasner by his last name, was only a few weeks old.

He spent his first 35 years in the German Democratic Republic. He began to become politically involved in connection with the fall of the Berlin Wall, and was subsequently elected to the Bundestag for the CDU Christian Democratic Party in 1990.

1991-1994 Minister for Women and Youth in the Helmut Kohl government.

In 2000, Merkel became the party chair of the CDU, and since 2005 she has been the German Federal Chancellor.

In October 2018, Merkel announced her resignation as president of the CDU, but at the same time said she wanted to remain in the position of chancellor until the end of her term.

He is married to chemistry professor Joachim Sauer, whom Merkel rarely sees in public. The couple have no children.

Source: Federal Chancellery, TT