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Messi's beautiful goal is not enough!  Argentina joins Pica Nona of Chile

Messi’s beautiful goal is not enough! Argentina joins Pica Nona of Chile

Argentina’s draw with Chile came as no surprise to anyone. Why? Both teams have qualified for the June World Cup, the last two reversals and two Copa America finals in 2015 and 2016, in which Chile won only after penalties. Argentina and Chile face each other in the last round of the World Cup qualifiers on June 4, and the match ended 1-1 after goals from Leo Messi and Alexis Sanchez.

Now Sanchez has been run out due to an injury (thanks to a change in the rules a few days ago, he can join the team at any time), but the score and goal scorer for Argentina have not changed. Before the match, the organizers of the Copa America remembered the late Diego Maradona, who, although interesting enough, did not win the match even once.

Then it was Leo Messi who gave Argentina a weak first-half lead on both sides. In the 33rd minute, Argentina showed a beautiful free kick, which surprised his former club colleague from Barcelona – Claudio Bravo.

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After the change of pages, there were more emotions, and thanks to the VAR, it re-tested the decision of Colombian Judge Wilmer Roldan. Chile were awarded a penalty once in the 53rd minute when Arturo Vidal was kicked in the box. Four minutes after the check-up, although the injured man could not hide Emiliano Martinez from eleven meters, Eduardo Vargas showed an efficient recovery, which led to the equation.

In the next few minutes, there was more z in Argentina GamesBut Leo Messi, Nicolas Gonzalez and La Toro Martinez were unable to bring down the Chile goalkeeper and the result did not change. Argentina drew 1-1 with Chile to beat Group A, which included Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay. As four teams from two Copa America teams advance to the quarterfinals, the four-team games for Argentina and Chile should be a hot match before the actual knockout matches.

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