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Metroid Dread can run in 4K on emulators

A few days after the launch Metroid dread For Nintendo Switch, the long-awaited return of the 2D series metroid, it is exclusive to the console, however, Many fans of the saga can already play it on PC using Switch emulators which have highlighted that it can be played entirely in 4K resolution..

According to many fans of the saga, they have mentioned that with many popular emulators for PC, I managed to enjoy it Metroid dread Because it is possible to play with custom controls and unlimited FPS settings, which means that it can be implemented more powerfully than converts Sweetened.

For their part, some players reported Minor issues like clipping of scenes and black screens, but this doesn’t affect the gameplay muchBecause according to them, it is only necessary to update the latest version of the emulator.

Other players note that the game can be played at the same high frame rates, i.e. It can be enjoyed in higher 4K resolution which is different from the original 720p resolution It is available on the Switch in both portable or TV modes.

Now that some have tested the game with good accuracy, it can be considered that Nintendo should have a problem, given that the current console has certain technical specifications, especially in solving it.

Metroid dread It was announced in June of this year and is the first in the 2D franchise with a new story in 19 years, while this new title is a direct sequel to Metroid Fusion 2002 The saga concludes in a total of 5 parts, which focus on Samus and metroidAnd that’s when the original NES game started.

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