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Microsoft and Bethesda exclusive games in Redfall and Starfield delayed until 2023

Microsoft and Bethesda exclusive games in Redfall and Starfield delayed until 2023

The anticipated premieres of this year 2022 in the world of video games are varied, but setbacks as well as last-minute changes cannot be missed, that’s how it was for these two most anticipated games of the year. 2022And “Redfall” y “Starfield”.

Through a statement posted on social networks by Bethesda responsible for “Redfall” as well as Microsoft’s creator of “Starfield”, they announced the postponement of its premiere from November 2022 until an unspecified date. first half of 2023.

The statement indicates that the difference Arkane Austin and Bethesda Game Studios They want to make sure their game has good functionality and make sure they “get the best version possible, polished down to the last detail.”

Which means that at the last minute they had some trouble launching as a gaming platform, although not to go into details, the message he implied was between the lines.

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However, despite the delay, the studios stressed that the delay time is such that the game does not pose any problem in the future, being among the most ambitious games in its history, in the case of “Starfield”, as well as its completion. Thank you to all video game fans.

Both titles will likely premiere with a main trailer at the June event. Until now X-Box With no more exclusives scheduled for the rest of the year, it’s likely that another title will be revealed at the end of the year on Microsoft’s console.

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For their part, fans of the game filled social networks with some memes, referring to the failures of other games or taking the delay lightly and funny.