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Mikael is stuck in Kastrup – he was going to Mexico

Published on 2023-12-23 22.12

Mikael and his family were going to Mexico to celebrate Christmas.

But they were stuck for a day at Copenhagen airport.

– Mikael says: – You become desperate, cursed and sad.

Mikael, 53, from Jönköping and his family were looking forward to spending a warm Christmas in Mexico.

On December 22 at 12 noon, the plane will take off from Copenhagen and twelve hours later will arrive in Mexico.

In addition to Mikael, his wife, three children, mother-in-law and father-in-law were at the party.

But this did not happen.

Since yesterday, he and nearly 300 other passengers who were supposed to take the flight have been stuck at Copenhagen Kastrup Airport.

– You want to give up, you are angry and resigned, says Mikael.

Mikael was looking forward to Christmas in Mexico.  He is now sitting and waiting to be dropped off at a hotel near Kastrup Airport.

“Rent a piss plane”

Mikael and the other passengers first had to board the plane and then were told that they would be disembarked.

Instead, they were offered accommodation in a hotel near the airport.

And now they are stuck there.

During Saturday, frustration grew. According to Mikael, information from TUI was scarce.

-It's not cheap right away, you might think that you should expect better support and service.

But at 12 noon the message came from TUI. The plane is scheduled to take off on Christmas Eve at one o'clock in the afternoon.

-So we are not allowed to fly on a TUI plane, but they hired another operator who chartered a smaller plane with no legroom and media space. So, it will take 13 hours when you are almost two meters tall, wrapped up and have no access to the on-board maintenance systems.

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-You certainly don't get that much food and service either. The question is really what kind of plan they find in light of today's security.

Now it looks like Mikael and his family will be able to celebrate Christmas on board.

– I think it's bad, especially when you've booked too far in advance and paid too much, and then your whole Christmas is ruined. We want to leave the snow and that worry behind and have a good time. Mikael says it won't be fun.

He told us that the flight has now been downgraded – something he doesn't particularly like.

-Since I am tall and have pain in every joint, it will be difficult. Now you should try to look forward to it and be positive. But the danger is that you will get very angry.

Passengers who were going by plane to Kastrup

Tui responds

TUI confirms the flight will operate on Christmas Eve. The company explained that the reason for the flight delay was due to the crew.

– The flight that was supposed to fly to Mexico was delayed, which means that the crew that was supposed to fly today could not escape because they need to have their legal right to rest. “We will instead bring in another flight with a different crew that can carry passengers tomorrow,” says Dian Martinez Valencia, communications director at TUI.

TUI regrets the situation that has arisen.

– It is very sad, of course, when this kind of delay occurs which means clients do not go on their holiday as planned. “We have now worked on finding another solution for them to escape as quickly as possible,” says Dejan Martinez Valencia.