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Mikołajkowy odcinek specjalny „Milionerów”

“Millionaires”. Where did the name Kwiat Jabłoni come from? Answer

Apple Blossom in the “Millionaires”? It is true that the children of Kuba Sienkiewicz did not sit in front of Hubert Urbański, but their name appeared in the question for a quarter of a million slots. Did the team player bring luck?

Millionaires. What is the name of the band Kwiat Jabłoni?

In the 515th episode of “Millionaires”, John Steinmets continued the game with two lost Life Boy and 20,000 slots on his account. The participant is from Warsaw. He is a linguist and economist by education and also works as a researcher in a consulting firm. How many hits did he win? He was troubled by the pop culture question.

What is the name of the band Kwiat Jabłoni founded in 2018 by Katarzyna and Jacek Sienkiewicz?

  • A. from a Snowfish Club.
  • B. from a kitschy film.
  • C from a luxury car.
  • D. From cheap wine.

– Interesting options. I have never heard of a luxury car. Cheap wine is very firm. It may have been so. Snowfish Club … Strange. This is a difficult situation. Maybe I can reject C, but I have some doubts about the other three, said John Steinmets.

Participant finally used the last lifeline – a phone call to a friend. – Michael is there. (…) I think the band knows. Does he know the history? I do not know, but I want to hear what he has to say, because I do not have enough confidence in any of these answers – explained the player.

Talking to a friend is useless. Michał did not know the right answer, which is why John withdrew from further participation in the game show. He owned PLN 125,000. Which answer is correct? John Steinmets was in a good mood. – The name came from cheap wine – Hubert Urbański explained.

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“Millionaires”. What about monasteries and congregations?

Next, Rafael Olsak – a resident of Wroclaw, a mathematics graduate, an all-rounder and researcher – sat in the player chair. The person walked out on the first question. His hit is Zero Slodis.

There are monasteries, they have batteries – The leader asked from the mouth.

  • A room;
  • B. izdebki;
  • C. That;
  • D. Saloniki.

Participant answered A as A Correct C – Goals.

Tomasz Madej, a farmer from Bieżuń, also had the opportunity to receive a million. In the next episode we will see more of his struggles in the movie “Millionaire”. So far, he has won two thousand slots.

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Author:Perenica Olesinska

Main photo source: Cezary Piwowarski / TVN