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Missile attack north of Kyiv in Ukraine • Russia allocated

Missile attack north of Kyiv in Ukraine • Russia allocated

Several explosions were heard across Ukraine in the morning.

Russian robots must have infected important infrastructure, according to the Kyiv governor.

– When will they let us sleep? asks journalist Nika Melkozyrova.

At least three “huge objects” flew over the house of journalist Nika Melkozyrova at 04:00 Thursday morning, she wrote on Twitter.

Then came the news of several explosions in the vicinity of the Ukrainian capital.

The local governor, Oleksiy Kuleba, says infrastructure has been bombed and information is now being sought about any casualties.

– The enemy launched a missile attack this morning on a local gathering in the Vyshhorod region. All emergency services are already in place, Governor Oleksiy Kuleba wrote in a statement Twitter.

‘tragic pattern’

according to Ukrainian The armed forces hit nine robots in the Chernihiv region in the northeastern parts of the country. A number of them are said to have been fired from Belarus. Explosions were also reported in the southwestern port city of Odessa. No injuries or deaths were reported.

Overstelöjtnant Joakim Paasikivi describes the attackers as “leading the campaign of dirty bots”.

– It’s a tragic pattern. It claims to shoot at military targets, but this is incorrect according to independent evaluators. Either they have outdated data or they are bad at shooting. He also says they may be trying to break the will of the civilian population.

From defense to offense

Russia has also carried out a “massive redeployment” of troops in southern Ukraine in what appears to be a change in tactics, according to President Zelensky’s adviser Oleksiy Aristovich.

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Troops were sent to the Melitopol and Zaporizhzhya regions, which may mean that the focus has shifted from defense to offense, he says.

– This would put us in a situation where we cannot liberate our entire territory. Putin sent an army to Ukraine to re-establish the Soviet Union, he said in an interview on Ukrainian television.

Pasekevi says Russia faces a choice of either focusing on Donbass or targeting the southern parts of the country instead.

– Ukraine fires at targets in Zaporizhia, destroying three bridges leading there. Russia is trying to build pontoon bridges to compensate, but it won’t work. It’s easy to shoot them.