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Modernization of the Fire Stations of the Volunteer Fire Department in Astro³ka and Eight Communes from the Masovsse-Moja Astro³ka Fund

Modernization of the Fire Stations of the Volunteer Fire Department in Astro³ka and Eight Communes from the Masovsse-Moja Astro³ka Fund

The local government of Masovia will assist in the modernization and renovation of 35 fire stations for volunteer firefighters from the Ostro³êcki subdivision. The decision in this matter was taken by the councilors of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. For this purpose, the Mazovian authorities have set aside 955,000 jobs. PLN.

Over the years, Mazowie firefighters have been able to rely on financial and material support from Mazowieckie Voivodeship’s budget. As Elżbieta Lanc, a member of the Mazowieckie voivodship committee, insists, each year the voivodship parliament co-finances the renovation and modernization of special equipment, cars and guard houses.


– We have been running the post program since 2018, receiving hundreds of applications for support each time. We co-finance the modernization of guards ‘combat areas, which is used by volunteer firefighters to increase units’ combat readiness. Elżbieta Lanc says that this year, the Mazovian giant will receive a total PLN of 6.5 million for this purpose.

There are nearly 2,000 TSO units. They operate at approximately 1.9 thousand. Fire stations. Janina Ewa Orze³owska, a member of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship team, points out that many of the fire stations used by the Masovian TSO need renovation or modernization.

– Some observation towers are buildings that have been in use for many years. That is why it is so important to support communes in investment activities in these places. This year, we decided to allocate PLN 1 million more to upgrade the observation towers than last year. We were guided not only by the high number of applications, but also by the rising costs of construction.

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In this year’s edition of the Mazowieckie Fireplace OSP-2022 plan, municipalities can apply for financial assistance of up to PLN 30,000. PLN. The Marshall Office has received a total of 244 applications for a total of more than 7.1 million co-financing.

– After analyzing them all, we selected 240 applications that meet the formal and basic requirements for support. Of those, 35 were projects from our subdivision. Thanks to these funds, the communes can, among other things, carry out windows, electrical installations, floor renovations, wall painting and other necessary modernization work, ”said Miroslav Augustiniak, councilor of the Voivdship, chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Environmental Protection.

Beneficiary List and Tasks and Co-Funding:

1. Myszyniec Commune, OSP Wydmusy – Watchtower Update – 30,000 PLN
2. Troz’s Commune – Coromani Primary School – Modernization of the Guard House – 30,000 PLN
3. Olsevo-Porky Commune – Volunteer Fire Department Stepna Stara – Renovation of Police Station – 30,000 PLN
4. Kadzido Commune – OSP Dylewo – Guard Repair – 30,000 PLN
5. £ yse Commune – OSP £ yse – Modernization of the Watchtower – 28,000 PLN
6. Kovorovo Commune – OSP Libyanga – Modernization of the Guard House – 30,000 PLN
7. Rzekuñ commune – OSP Kamianka – Modernization of the Guard House – 20,000 PLN
8. Ostro³êka City – OSP Ostro³êka – Watchtower Renovation – 26,000 040 PLN
9. Servin Commune – OSP Malinov Now – Modernization of the Guard House – 30,000 PLN.

The full list is available on the site

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Source: Mazowiecki Voivodeship Marshall’s Office

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