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Monaco crisis – Prince close to corruption scandal

Monaco crisis – Prince close to corruption scandal

There is a crisis in one of the smallest emirates in the world.

Writes Prince Albert II, King of Monaco, rocked by a corruption scandal after information leaked onto the Internet New York Post.

A newspaper project called “Les Dossiers du Rocher,” meaning “rock papers” in Swedish, published information that Prince Albert’s inner circle with high positions had been taking advantage of each other for several years.

You can’t let your childhood friends rule the country. But this is what he did, and he did not stop, says the former adviser to Prince Robert Erringer to the newspaper.

“fraud and corruption”

The journalistic project accuses four of the prince’s closest men: his wealth manager Claude Palmero, President of the Supreme Court of Monaco Didier Lynott, the prince’s chief of staff and former Monaco foreign minister Laurent Anselmi, and his lawyer and childhood friend Thierry Lacoste.

All of them, dubbed “G4” in the French media, were searched by police following the allegations.

The journalistic project deals with a case in the Supreme Court where Lacoste (the lawyer) received more than six million crowns for “legal advice” in a case in which a developer was awarded $1.6 billion in damages.

Lynott, a close friend of both Lacoste and Prince Albert, made the decision as president.

Several mobile phones and documents were confiscated from the Quartet’s home. According to the New York Post, Lacoste is no longer the prince’s lawyer, and both Palmeiro and Anselmi have resigned from their positions.

– He’s known all along. He knew it because I was there and checked on some of these men and told him about it, says Ehringen’s ex-adviser.

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The relationship is frosty – the princess lives abroad

Although the prince himself is not accused of any crime, he commented on the accusations against his friends.

The (allegations) showed certain activities of people who worked with me. As I said: if the trust is broken, it is impossible to continue working together, Prince Albert added in July Le Figaro.

Monaco has long been accused of being a corrupt place, as there is, for example, no income tax.

The playwright W. Somerset Maugham described the place as “a sunny place for shady people”.

“Corruption at a high level is a problem, and officials sometimes act with impunity,” Freedom House wrote in a report. relationship 2021.

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