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Money is still a hot issue in the EU for Magdalena Anderson

On Thursday, the red carpet is laid out in Brussels and flags are flown when the premiere of Magdalena Anderson at the EU Summit. She is no newbie to the Brussels world. As a former finance minister, she discussed many of the union’s most important issues: the EU budget, joint borrowing and giant support packages during the pandemic.

Björn Fagerstein, Head of the European Program at the Foreign Policy Institute, continues to view money as an important issue for the Prime Minister. He points to a recent speech by French President Emmanuel Macron before the country became president of the European Union at the beginning of the year.

– There, Macron ruled out the current financial regulations and opened the door to the continuation of joint lending. Sweden and above all Magdalena Anderson should try to counter this at the gate, says Björn Fagerstein.

During last year’s budget negotiations Sweden, along with Denmark, the Netherlands and Austria, belonged to the “frugal four” quartet that wanted to define the budget.

Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson visited Brussels on December 10 and met Charles Michel, President of the European Council. He will chair the EU summit on Thursday.

Photo: Dario Pignatelli/TT

The question is how powerful the frugal gang is today and how much political capital each country is willing to invest, says Fägersten.

Germany, led by Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, has often sympathized with the Quartet. Instead, the new German government led by S is signaling its willingness to spend EU money.

– If you don’t have Germany, you’re on the outer edge, says Björn Fägersten.

Holds Magdalena Anderson tightly In his role as finance minister to be the most economical in the European Union? When she visited Brussels last week, journalists wondered what exactly.

– I am a tough negotiator, but now there are other issues that we are working on. Climate issues are high on the agenda. Sweden has a leadership role there, as a supporter of yes. She replied that even on questions about the EU’s shared values, and the problems that exist around it, Sweden has a strong voice in a different way than when it comes to Swedes who have to pay more for Brussels.

Just like the Prime Minister, Lisa Belling, President of the Arena Idé think tank, is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the SSU in Uppsala. She seems to see a transformation in Magdalena Anderson.

“Even before she was elected party chief, she opened herself up to question the tight budget rules and fiscal policy framework, which had previously been their hallmark,” says Lisa Billing.

It refers to one Discussion article in Svenska Dagbladet Then-Finance Minister Andersen wrote with Financial Markets Minister Osa Lindhagen (MP) that they wanted to speed up the review of the fiscal policy framework.

Simple statutory wages in the European Union It was previously a red curtain for Swedish politicians because they were seen as threatening collective agreements. The government has changed its position. She considers that she has received guarantees that the Swedish model will not be threatened.

Negotiations now begin on the proposal submitted by the states in the Council of Ministers and the proposal of the European Parliament, which includes a more stringent approach to the minimum wage.

Parliament could be a problem. It would be Magdalena Andersen’s role to watch the proposal carefully so it doesn’t escape, says Jürgen Hettin, professor of law at Lund University’s School of Economics.

Other topics of conflict, mentioned by experts interviewed by DN, are for the prime minister to protect free trade and globalization in the European Union who has had protectionist tendencies since Britain left, to protect the issue of climate and emissions trading that has come into question when energy prices and security policy have risen, as several countries want Increase defense cooperation.

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