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More dead after landslide in southern Italy

More dead after landslide in southern Italy

On Monday morning, the eighth victim – a man – was found in the seaside resort of Casamicciola, where during the day the residents were trying to scoop up large quantities of mud that had washed into the city’s streets and homes.

The intensive rescue operation continues for the third day with the participation of 160 firefighters and 70 rescue vehicles sent to Ischia from other parts of Italy. On Sunday, the Italian government issued a state of emergency for the affected region.

Black barley swipe

At the same time, attention is drawn to the large number of homes built without building permits over the years on the popular tourist island, something that is cited as a contributing reason why the damage caused by the earthquake was so extensive.

According to Angelo Bonelli, president and member of parliament for the Alliance Verde y Sinistra, half of the houses in the affected seaside resort are pure black buildings.

“Let’s say it as it is. Every second house in Casamiccola is a black building and it was built where it shouldn’t be,” he said. Republic.

a sensitive area

Heavy rains fell in the area in the days leading up to the landslide, and more rains are also expected in the Campania region, where Ischia is located, in the coming days.

Casamicciola is located in an area very sensitive to landslides and seismic activity, and between 2028 and 2021 alone, 72 landslides were recorded here.

Large quantities of mud also entered the homes of the inhabitants of Casamicciola on the island of Ischia. Photo: AP/TT

Huge devastation prevails in Casamicciola after Saturday's landslide.

Huge devastation prevails in Casamicciola after Saturday’s landslide. Photo: AP/TT

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