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Nancy Pelosi met with the President of Taiwan

For the first time since 1997, the speaker of the US House of Representatives is visiting Taiwan. Before the trip, China issued several warnings that the visit would have consequences. Since Pelosi’s arrival in the Taiwanese capital on Tuesday evening, China has raised the signal to visit again.

Among other things, the American CNN reported that the import of citrus fruits and fish from Taiwan is prohibited. In addition, Chinese Foreign Minister Xie Feng summoned the US ambassador to China to protest what Feng described as a deliberate provocation.

— Anyone who tries to exploit the Taiwan problem for their own political gain will be seen with shame in history, according to Feng. CNN.

Shortly thereafter China lodged its protest with the US ambassador, and Pelosi met with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen at Parliament House in Taipei. There, the Speaker of the House said the visit should be seen as an unmistakable sign that the United States stands with Taiwan.

Pelosi says American solidarity with Taiwan is more important now than ever, and that’s the message we carry with us today.

She also said that the United States is proud of the “enduring friendship” with Taiwan and that the Americans will honor their commitments to Taiwan.

as an answer On the state visit, China announced that it would hold out Military exercises in airspace and waters around Taiwan between August 4-7. Taiwan’s cabinet wrote in a statement that during Wednesday night, the Taiwanese military went on high alert to ensure security on the island. According to reports, the Taiwan defense announced on Wednesday morning that Chinese planes violated Taiwan’s airspace BBC.

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After meeting with Pelosi, Tsai Ing-wen announced that Taiwan would do “whatever it takes” to bolster its defense capabilities, CNN reported.

Taiwan will not back down in the face of growing military threats. The Taiwanese president said after the meeting, that we will defend the sovereignty of our nation and will continue to adhere to the line of defense of democracy.

At the same time, we want to cooperate and work with all democracies in the world, to jointly protect democratic principles.

The visit to Taiwan comes within the framework of the Asian tour that Pelosi is making with a delegation from the US Congress. On Wednesday afternoon, Pelosi is expected to travel, CNN wrote. Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea are also on the visitor list.

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