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Nanuq dog lost in Alaska USA – Found 20 miles away

Nanuq dog lost in Alaska USA – Found 20 miles away

Nanuq is a 1-year-old Australian Shepherd who lives with his mother, Mandy O’Regan, in Gambill, Alaska, which is located on St. Lawrence Island. The island is located in the middle of the Bering Strait that separates Alaska from the eastern parts of Russia. After Euregan’s family visited the village of Savonga, on the same island, Nanuk suddenly disappeared without a trace, according to reports. NBC News.

Starlight the dog also went missing with Nanuq, but this family member managed to find a home after two weeks. But after Nanuq there was no trace in the frozen landscape.

Just over a month later, a dog that looked suspiciously like Nanuq turned up in the town of Wells, which lies along the inaccessible west coast of Alaska, on the other side of the Bering Strait. There, residents began posting pictures of the stray dog ​​on social media to search for the owner.

Bitten by a seal?

– My dad wrote to me that “there’s a dog in Wales that looks like Nanook,” Mandy O’Regan tells local media.

And very correct. When she logged into Facebook, she could see her dog was in a community more than 20 miles away, across the water from where the family lived.

– I thought it wasn’t true. It was our dog. She told local media what he did in Wales.

It is unclear how Nanuq managed to cross the 241 kilometers that separate Savoonga from the Welsh community. But the environment is inhospitable to say the least, with an icy climate and wild animals living nearby. Among other things, Nanuk must have crossed the ice across the Bering Strait.

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But now Nanuk has been reunited with his family on St. Lawrence Island. And it turns out, his adventure wasn’t entirely traumatic. Among other things, he appears to have been bitten by a polar bear or a seal. But other than that, Nanuk appears to be in good spirits.

– I have no idea how he ended up in Wales. Perhaps the ice drifted away while he was hunting. I’m pretty sure he ate some seal leftovers or even caught a seal. He must have eaten birds, too. Mandy O’Regan says he usually eats food from the local area, and he’s smart.

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