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NASA has released amazing photos of the blue dunes of Mars

As the years go by, new photos of the discoveries are being published on other planets. In this sense, At NASA We have shared a large amount of material recently that allows us to understand more about the functioning of other planets in the solar system.

This time, it was Mars’ turn. Between 2002 and 2004 A record of the natural activity of this planet has been made By the Mars Odyssey orbiter and Some great photos From the so-called “blue dunes” of sand in place. As the experts have reported, They are found in the planet’s northern polar cap. A place where the temperature is around -150 ° C.

The report issued by NASA It indicates that these dunes cover an area equivalent to the state of Texas (USA), whose surface reaches 695 thousand Square meters. The image released last Thursday April 8th, is representing space 30 km.

The images reflect sections of the “blue dunes” where the temperature is below 100 ° CNASA

However, the detail that must be taken into account is that the image was known to the public It is the wrong color. This means the colors you see Represent temperatures. The blue and blue represent the cooler regions and the orange is the warmest, letting you know which is which Warm sun dunes Which one is not.

For images of blue sand dunes, the NASA She explained in a statement that it is “part of a special collection of photos marking the twentieth anniversary of the Odyssey,” given that this is the spacecraft that has spent the longest time collecting data from Mars.

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Currently, the Odyssey continues to operate in the region and it has been 20 years since it entered orbit and visually recorded the behaviors and phenomena occurring on the Red Planet.