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NASA will make a precise maneuver to fix the faulty computer in the Hubble telescope


July 11, 2021, 00:36 GMT

The computer coordinates and controls the different telescope instruments and also monitors them for technical issues.

NASA announce Next week, it will carry out a complex mission to restore the computer payload of the Hubble Space Telescope, which ceased operations last June.

The US space agency successfully completed a procedural test this week, which is necessary to switch to Hubble’s backup devices. The payload computer of the telescope was Manufactured in the 80’s It is responsible for monitoring and controlling all of the Hubble science instruments.

This computer, which is necessary to continue Hubble’s scientific operations, suddenly stopped working on June 13, Commenting on scientific notes telescope.

the source of the problem

At the moment, it is unknown What is the reason for failure?, although it has been determined that the source of the problem is in piece of “hardware” A unit called Scientific Instrument Command and Data Management (SI C&DH), which coordinates commands and data and sends them to scientific instruments.

To solve the problem, the engineers made the decision Switch to Backup Devices. In such cases, the Hubble payload computer has secondary spare ‘hardware’, although a change has been made. It’s not easy, because it requires turning off the other parts.

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