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Navalnaga: “I’m getting more and more anxious about Alexei.”

Navalnaga: “I’m getting more and more anxious about Alexei.”

I had never seen the skin stretched so tightly over the skull before. But I know he will never give up. He writes his happy updates on Instagram and fights for his right to read the Quran. But after this meeting, I feel more worried about Alexei, as the wife of Russian opposition leader Julia Navalnaga wrote on Instagram.

She visited her husband In prison on Tuesday, he is reported to have lost a lot of weight and could not stand the entire length of their conversation. Among other things, Navalny decided to read the Quran during his time in prison, to better understand Islam and at the same time his religion. He is a devout Christian and belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church.

– I went on a date. The best date in my life. With the best man in the world. Although we spoke to each other through a glass window and a phone. He was full of life and cheerful as usual. But Julia Navalnaga writes Julia Navalnaga that he had difficulty speaking and would sometimes have to turn off the phone and lie down on the table to rest.

Navalny, who is 190 cm tall, has lost much of his weight and now weighs 76 kg, according to his wife.

Alexey Navalny He started a hunger strike last March to protest against being allowed to see his doctor. He suffers from severe back pain and has lost sensation in his legs. Twenty doctors in Russia He wrote a petition demanding that Navalny receive his medication, which was also rejected.

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On April 13, the Russian prison authorities declared Navalny’s health “satisfactory.”

On April 6, Alexei Navalny underwent a comprehensive medical examination, including being diagnosed with Coronavirus and Tuberculosis. The doctors said that the convict’s health condition is satisfactory, according to the prison authorities In an official statement.