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Nazi NMR canceled demonstration for Holocaust victims |  Sweden

Nazi NMR canceled demonstration for Holocaust victims | Sweden

On Saturday afternoon, a light ceremony was held on the balcony of the PA Hall in Borås to honor Holocaust victims.

Then six people from the Nazi Northern Resistance Movement, NMR, stormed banners and a large banner and interrupted the demonstration, Boras Tiedning wrote.

People must also photograph and distribute flyers.

According to the newspaper, the police later removed them to another location.

– A report will be prepared on violations of the Public Order Law, and at a later stage the person responsible for the gathering will be revealed, says Pernilla Henry, a duty officer in the Western Region Police.

“I didn't feel good”

Social Democrat Per Olof Hauge, head of the municipal council in Borås, attended the lighting ceremony on Saturday outside the municipal hall.

– The NMR was there when I got there. I didn't think it felt good at all. He says the police transferred them and it went very smoothly.

He says the message on the NMR sign was that the Holocaust did not happen.

– He says it's very sad that he did this.

Holocaust Remembrance Day is commemorated annually on January 27, the day the prisoners of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp were liberated in 1945.

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