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Netanyahu from the hospital: Fine

Netanyahu from the hospital: Fine

Netanyahu was taken to the emergency room at Sheba Hospital near Tel Aviv in his private car on Saturday afternoon, after feeling dizzy.

Comments from the Prime Minister’s Office say he is in good condition and initial assessment is dehydrated. Netanyahu will undergo further examinations on the advice of doctors.

In the video, the 73-year-old prime minister said he spent time in the sun with his wife without a hat and water. He admits that he has not been well, and urges his countrymen to avoid the sun and drink plenty of water during the heat wave that has hit the country.

His office later announced that he would stay in the hospital overnight on the doctors’ recommendation. Therefore, the government meeting on Sunday was moved to Monday.

Netanyahu was the prime minister of Israel for several terms. He is currently leading a coalition government that took power last December. He has been described as the most right-wing and extremist in the history of Israel, and his reform of the justice system has been met with massive protests.

Netanyahu is also the subject of a corruption trial.

Last October, he had to spend a night in the hospital after feeling unwell. This is explained by the fact that he fasted on the occasion of Yom Kippur.

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