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New allegations against Johnson in Partigit

A parliamentary inquiry in Britain’s House of Commons has revealed that the former prime minister gave misinformation about parties held in Downing Street when the rest of the country was under strict lockdown.

The 24-page report It includes, among other things, witness statements Johnson said during an event that “this is probably the most socially distanced gathering in the UK at the moment”.

Another piece of evidence is an internal prime minister sent out in April 2021, half a year before the parties went public, warning of leaks about the prime minister’s “crooked nights”.

“I don’t think it’s unwarranted,” says the prime minister.

The report was prepared by a panel of seven politicians, four of whom were colleagues of Johnson’s Conservative party.

Their job was to investigate whether the prime minister was being dishonest, and if so, was it intentional. The now-released investigation is not an intended final report, but should give Johnson direction ahead of the public hearing he will participate in later in March.

However, it is not clear exactly what possible punishment could be imposed if he is found guilty. Had Johnson been still Prime Minister, he would most likely have been forced to resign if he was finally proven to have lied.

conviction On the other hand, hurdles can be placed in the wheel for possible attempts to become the leader of the party and the nation again in the future.

Johnson himself says the report “absolutely” proves his innocence.

What’s interesting is that after ten months they haven’t found anything, not a single piece of evidence, that I would have intentionally broken any rules, he says in a video broadcast to the BBC and Sky.

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The report was drawn up in part on the heels of an investigation last year by freelance officer Sue Gray. Its report cited a lack of leadership and a “culture” of rule-breaking as the reason for imposing strict lockdowns on parties.

On Friday it’s over Also Sue Gray is at the center of some controversy. She has already agreed to become Labor leader Keir Starmer’s chief of staff, which has led many Conservatives to question her party’s report as biased.

According to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said times Concerned that Gray was bringing sensitive information from his previous work in the Cabinet Office, his Cabinet colleagues urged him to block his transfer for the next two years.