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New bill could force Netanyahu to retire

The trial of Netanyahu, prime minister from 2009 until June of this year, began last year and is expected to continue for several more years.

He still retains control of his Likud party and is determined to continue his political career, despite growing discontent with the party’s leadership.

But Netanyahu’s strength lies in his tight support in the party’s central committee and among the electorate. On the other hand, if his way back to power is blocked, this popularity will not benefit.

Obviously he won’t come To marry before being forced. The new law is an attempt to force it. Sa’ar, Netanyahu’s Likud party companion until recently, left the party after years of humiliation on the part of the party leader.

On many issues, particularly the occupation and relations with the Palestinians, Sa’ar is more hawkish than Netanyahu. But unlike him, Sa’ar is concerned with the independence of the judiciary and the fight against corruption in the administration.

Benjamin Netanyahu.

Photo: Sebastian Scheiner/TT

For Netanyahu and those close to him politically, his wife Sarah and son Yair, moving from his home on Balfour Street in Jerusalem was a painful story.

It took more than a month for the family to vacate the house, and in the end, Netanyahu received foreign guests there as if he were still prime minister. Last week it was reported that Mrs. Sarah was still visiting the place to pack the last of the nuts.

Once Netanyahu is removed from the throne Likud MKs were ordered to keep calling their president the “prime minister”, both when addressing him and when talking about him, giving a sect-like impression.

Days ago, when Netanyahu announced that he was “working in the United States to get more doses of the vaccine,” he was reprimanded by the government, which reminded him that this task is now in another hands.

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