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New blackouts in Ukraine after Russian attacks

New blackouts in Ukraine after Russian attacks

Several regions, including Kyiv and Odessa, have suffered power outages as a result of Russian attacks, which, as in the past, have targeted civilian infrastructure and electricity supplies, according to Zelensky.

– In order to stabilize the electricity grid, it was necessary to impose emergency shutdowns in many areas, he said in a speech on Monday evening.

Russia launched about 70 bots into Ukraine on Monday. Most were shot down, but many hit their targets and at least four people were killed, according to the chief.

The Ukrainian Air Force states that the Russians attack in several rounds to make it difficult for the Ukrainian air defences.

The head of the Orengo state company told the state network, Volodymyr Kudritsky, in a televised interview that the Russian military had planned the targets of the attacks in consultation with energy engineers to cause as much damage as possible, according to AFP.

Okranergo warns that there will be an emergency power outage in all regions of Ukraine due to the bombing, while the temperature will drop below zero.

Repairs to the power grid continue in the central regions of Ukraine as well as in Odessa, Zaporizhia and Kharkiv.

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