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New doping scandal rocks athletics – 20 Kenyans suspended

Posted on 2023-06-03 22:12

Kenyan sprint star Samwel Imeta is one of twenty Kenyan track and field athletes now suspended for doping by Kenya’s anti-doping agency ADAK.

Emita was a sensation when he ran the 100m in 9.94 times in February.

Kenya has had huge doping problems in recent years and has come under heavy criticism for failing domestic doping controls.

Now that the action has intensified, more and more Kenyan track and field athletes are being caught.

Now ADAK announces that it will suspend twenty athletes to one board and that they are all being investigated for doping – a record.

And these are not bad names.

Samwel Meta is one of the biggest running sensations after he ran under the dream ten clean sheet limit earlier this year.

Now the time when electronic measuring devices were not one hundred percent functional is not approved.

But the 24-year-old has seen remarkable development in recent years.

Now perhaps the explanation has come, as the Kenyan newspaper The Nation reported that he was caught with traces of steroids in his body.

Other stops include JVM runner-up Zina Gimutai who finished at 3000m this summer and African champion in the 800m Garenter Mawiya.

The recent bans are just further evidence of a doping problem that many have described as an epidemic and crisis.

Most recently, in April, the International Association of Athletics Federations’ Integrity Agency alerted the AIU that they had detected signs of organized cheating in the competing country.

“It appears that elite Kenyan athletes are being helped by a person or persons, including someone with significant medical knowledge,” the AIU wrote in a statement.

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At the same time, they announced that a total of 66 Kenyan track and field athletes had been suspended for doping at the time.

Now the list seems to be only growing.