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New failure of Kevin McCarthy in the US Congress

McCarthy tries to convince and make concessions to get to the speaker’s platform. Before the 12th vote, he brought 14 other Republican rebels with him.

Persuasion attempts continued all day Friday. But it seems to be in vain. McCarthy did not receive the necessary 218 votes on the twelfth or thirteenth ballot.

The House then decided to adjourn until Saturday morning (10 p.m. EST on the East Coast).

Extensive concessions

Before the 12th vote, McCarthy had already promised to go back to an old House rule that a member’s request was sufficient to trigger a vote of no confidence.

It was not certain what additional concessions and promises he had made before the thirteenth vote. Immediately, negotiations for the fourteenth vote began.

But McCarthy, who would become a guide to the party’s future direction, interviewed the party’s separatists on many issues — in addition to undermining the speaker’s position, the Associated Press writes.

Rarely has the US House of Representatives seen such political chaos and fiasco in front of the curtain – although Congress in Washington, D.C. is notoriously hard-hitting.

Saddle party

Usually, the election is celebrated with the speaker’s next of kin present in the room after a semi-formal vote.

Not this time. The 12 polls so far show a bitter party as supporters of former President Donald Trump pitted Republicans in front of a surprised, bewildered, and slightly amused audience.

The dissident group is too small to be able to choose its own nominee, but since the Republicans have a slim majority in the House of Representatives, they are enough to stop McCarthy.

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Republican Matt Gaetz led vocal opposition to McCarthy, but when he launched new tirades during the debate before the vote, many party members chose to leave the room in protest.

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Therefore, the President of the United States is more powerful than Andreas Norlin. picture: Sebastian Strandberg/SVT/TT/EPA