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New publications: The Pope is in good shape

Pope Francis is alert and in good shape. The operation lasted on Sunday night for about 3 hours. The stay at Gemelli University Hospital is expected to last 7 days. A daily bulletin on the Pope’s health is announced at 12 noon by spokesman Matteo Bruni.

Catherine Aurelius – Vatican City

Pope Francis underwent surgery on Sunday evening, July 4, for a diverticulosis of the colon. The hospital stay is estimated to be 7 days unless complications arise.

The Holy See spokesman Matteo Bruni announced on Monday July 5 that the Pope is in good shape and today, Tuesday July 6, the Pope is on his feet.

Bruni announces the daily bulletin at 12 noon.

“His Holiness Pope Francis – announced by Bruni on Monday – is generally in good condition, alert and breathing spontaneously. The diverticulosis operation, which was performed on the evening of July 4, led to a resection of part of the colon on the left side and took approximately 3 hours.”

Today, July 6, Bruni announced that his post-surgery operation is looking good and the Pope has slept well through the night.

“His Holiness Pope Francis slept well last night. This morning he had breakfast and read some newspapers and got up and left.”

The postoperative process is going as planned, and the values ​​for routine checkups are good, Bruni declares.

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