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New Scottish leader wants to ‘achieve independence’

Hamza Yusuf, 37, is the Scottish Minister of Health to date. He has said he is the only candidate who can retain the broad support of the SNP and is close to outgoing leader Nicola Sturgeon, but claims he wants to be a different kind of leader.

In his acceptance speech, Hamza Yusuf said he felt he was “the luckiest man in the world” and promised to lead “the generation that enjoys independence”.

The SNP has enjoyed eight successful years under the leadership of party leader and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. But in mid-February, she surprisingly announced that she was resigning from both positions.

The problems started Gathered for sturgeon in November when one of its big promises failed. Then the British High Court ruled that a new referendum on Scottish independence should not be held.

The SNP is clearly the largest in the Scottish provincial parliament and the party leader becomes the first Scottish minister and head of government in the provincial government.

Hamza Yusuf is expected to be formally appointed as first minister by Scottish parliamentarians on Tuesday.

will come next to make history as the first person from an ethnic minority to head any of the British Commonwealth governments. He also became the first Muslim to lead a major party in Britain.

Yusuf’s grandparents immigrated to Glasgow, Scotland in the 1960s and on the paternal side the family was raised in Pakistan and the mother was raised in a Southeast Asian family in Kenya.

Youssef has spoken out on several occasions about the racism he has experienced over the years.

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Hamza Yusuf won the vote over opposition candidates Kate Forbes and Ash Reagan.

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