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New title planned? Capcom begins the survey

Under the name “The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles,” Capcom published a game collection this week that paved the way for North America and Europe for two previously unreleased branches in the West.

In addition to the release of the collection, Capcom presented a questionnaire about the “Ace Attorney” series, in which players are asked various questions about the series. Among other things, Capcom has investigated the question of whether players will get a potential successor, leading to the assumption that the company is already planning more branches.

Capcom is asking for feedback from players

Of course, nothing has been officially confirmed yet. Furthermore, Capcom is asking players in the said survey for feedback on various topics such as the history of recent branches, its graphic design, controls, and more. If you would like to participate in the survey, you will find it under After the direct link look for it.

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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles was published for PlayStation 4, among others, and includes the subtitles “The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures” and “The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve.”

There are also many additional content such as the eight bonus cases “Adventures”, a gallery with conceptual graphics and exclusive costumes.

More news about Ace Attorney.

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