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Nigeria has phased out 1 million doses of Covax vaccine

Weak logistics chains and the spread of uncertainty about vaccines over several months have proven to be a bigger problem with the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in Africa than the shortage of doses, which are now being sent to countries in the region on a larger scale.

Now it is clear that Nigeria They were forced to throw out up to a million doses because they had time to get past their prehistoric best without using them.

This was reported by Reuters news agency, who wrote that a spokesperson for the country’s health ministry in the coming days will report in detail what happened to the dosing.

nigeria country With over 200 million people currently only vaccinated 3.5 percent of the population dosed, While only 1.8 percent of Nigerians received two injections.

The World Health Organization confirmed to Reuters that the doses had been phased out but did not want to give any number.

In a comment to Reuters, the World Health Organization said that dose losses are expected in all vaccination programs and in the context of COVID-19, this is a global phenomenon.

It’s not just In poorer countries in Africa as neglected doses. But while European countries have an abundance of vaccines from a variety of manufacturers, countries in Africa have complained throughout the year that they haven’t received enough doses. This was highlighted as an explanation for why the vaccine roll-out was slow.

South Africa is the country in the region that first got enough doses to vaccinate all adults with two injections. In South Africa, there have been sufficient doses for more than six months, but so far only one in four South Africans has been vaccinated with two syringes.

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