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Nintendo revealed the new Skyward Sword HD compatible Zelda amiibo game

Nintendo revealed the new Skyward Sword HD compatible Zelda amiibo game

Without warning, Nintendo just revealed this along with a release The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD We will have a new amiibo princess character that gives the game its name. Zelda will be immortalized alongside one of the Skyloft birds in a collection that all fans will love.

Zelda and Loftwing make up the look that can be used directly in the reworked version of Sword toward the sky. But before focusing on its functions, we invite you to see the figure in all its splendor, as it succeeds in fully conveying the character of Zelda, this is one of the first times that the princess has a stronger role in the plot of the story. Game.

I really love him! Image: Nintendo

Now yes, use this amiibo indoors Sword toward the sky It’ll break the game completely … or save a lot of time. According to the progression released by Nintendo, by activating amiibo, we will be able to climb to Skyloft from any point in the game, even inside the dungeon. On the other hand, if we activate the amebo when we are in the floating city, we can go back to the last point where we were on the surface.

However, the above might not seem like a big deal. In the original game, it is only possible to go to Skyloft at save points scattered all over the map; There is no possibility to do this in a dungeon. So, in the Switch version, we can come and go as desired, and buy all of the things we need without having to waste time looking for a save point … as long as you can buy the shape.

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Although amibo has been around for quite a number of years, Nintendo failed to make the numbers very valuable in the game, so these attempts are still as strange as they are fun.… and in some cases it can be completely forgotten. We just hope there will be enough pieces for sale that it won’t become an out-of-reach item.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD It will arrive in stores around the world on July 16, the same date that the new Zelda amiibo and controls can be purchased in the Switch Special Edition.


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