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Norwegian influencers are forced to rate the edited photos

The decision includes a change to Norway’s current marketing law that will prevent influencers from posting edited photos, without telling them they’ve been modified.

The proposal, which was put forward by the government and voted on in the Norwegian Parliament, includes sponsored images, that is, images in which money is paid to a person or company for publication. These can be, for example, photos in which the lips were enlarged or the waist was reduced. The law also covers photos that have been retouched by the user by adding a so-called filter.

Parliament wrote in its resolution: “Advertisers and those who create advertisements shall also be responsible for advertisement where body shape, size or skin is modified with the help of modification or other manipulation.”

purpose is To address body and appearance on social media, according to Norway’s Minister for Children and Family Kjell Ingolf Robstad (KrF).

We make sure that children and adults grow up without the pressure to change their bodies. We know that many people meet unattainable ideals on social media and television, he told the magazine. minmot, earlier this year.

The new law garnered significant international attention and positive response from many Norwegian influencers.

– It’s important, especially outside of Norway where influencers have larger platforms. I think it’s a good thing Norway can influence other countries to do the same, says influencer Agnete Husbye NRK.

The law was passed but not yet in force.