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Norwegian shipping company bans electric cars on conventional road: ‘poisonous gases in case of fire’

Norwegian shipping company bans electric cars on conventional road: ‘poisonous gases in case of fire’

The scenic Hurtigruten Coastal Route runs between Bergen and Kirkenes along Norway’s coast. From 2021, freight companies Hurtigruten and Havila have agreed on traffic between the two destinations.

release toxic gases

But after just over a year in scheduled traffic, shipping company Havilia is now making changes to its rules. From now on, they will not allow electric cars, hybrid cars or hydrogen cars to ride. The decision was made after conducting an external risk analysis on behalf of the company. Electric vehicle fires are more difficult to extinguish than gasoline and diesel vehicle fires.

– The electric vehicle fire becomes very hot, and there may be a risk of explosion and toxic gases. This could mean you have to evacuate the ship immediately and in the worst case scenario you could have a complete ship collapse, says Lasse A. Vangstein in charge of communications at Havila Kystruten to NRK.

Hurtigruten continues

Competitor Hurtigruten is making a different assessment and will continue to allow all vehicle types.

– We’ve moved cars between all ports for 40 years and they’re going well. We have no plans to stop it, says press spokesperson Martin Henriksen.

The issue of electric vehicle fires on ships is becoming more topical as more and more car owners switch to electric vehicles. when finnish YLE Reported on the matter recently, shipping companies Viking line and Ålandstrafiken have stated that driving is allowed on their ships as long as there is no risk of battery damage.

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Norway has always been a huge supporter of electric vehicles, which has made it a world leader in the field of electric vehicles. And everything indicates that it will continue. picture: svt