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Now we reset the clock – what happened to abolish summer and winter time?

At night between Saturday and Sunday, you can sleep an hour longer if you like, and wake up at the same time. We switch to winter time, also called standard time, and the clock goes back one hour.

It takes place at 4:00 am across the European Union, so that international air and train traffic can run without confusion.

In five months, it’s time for the same operation, but in the other direction. This is what has happened in Finland since 1981, the Prime Minister states in a press release.

Finland’s opinion is clear

At the same time, the European Commission proposed in 2018 that the following year be the last year for the clocks to be changed. In the spring of 2019, the European Parliament voted to abolish summer and winter. Two and a half years later, it’s still the case that we’re moving the hour hand.

Finland formulated its initial position several years ago: relocation should be cancelled. There is still no decision on when the permanent time will be, but others have endorsed winter time in the referral round that has been arranged.

Citizens were also heard “widely”, according to the government. In fact, work in Finland has already begun on the initiative of citizens to cancel relocation. The Government is also pleased to note that Finland has kept this issue on the agenda at EU level.

So what’s the problem? Well, this proposal is waiting to be considered by the Council of the European Union, better known as the Council of Ministers. The Council and the European Parliament must take a joint decision on this issue. The Council does not deal with the issue until all countries take their position.

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The Ministry of Communications wrote in a press release, “The handling of the issue in the Council has stopped for the time being.”