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One of the fastest knockouts in UFC history! McKinney finished the contestant in 7 seconds (WIDEO)

Well you can UFC263 The knockout happened the fastest in the organization’s history. Terence McKinney He beat Matt Freevola in just 7 seconds.

In the first seconds of the fight, McKinney sent his opponent to the boards with a combination of several straight two feet. The American jumped on the lying rival and the referee stopped the fight after some stroke. Terence, who was celebrating this amazing victory, also suffered an unfortunate knee injury.

155 LP: Terence McKinney Room 0:07 at round 1 KO via Matt Freevola

The record holder in this category was George Masvidal, who knocked down Ben Askron in 5 seconds with a flying knee at UFC 239. Duan Ludwig can boast of a second fast finish and 1 second bad result. Terence McKinney matched the records of Todd Duffy, Chan Chung Jung and Ryan Jimmo, who destroyed opponents in 7 seconds.

McKinney, 26, is a lightweight fighter, and his professional fights are 11-3. The performance of UFC 263 is an introduction to Americans in the world’s largest MMA system angle. Terence is known to finish fights ahead of schedule, winning five times in 1 minute and none of his fights in his life have reached the judges’ results.