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One of the victims of the mass shooting in Prague was a lecturer in Finnish literature

One of the victims of the mass shooting in the Czech Republic on Thursday was a university lecturer Jan Dlaske Who taught Finnish literature at Charles University in Prague Evening news.

Dlasek died of his injuries in hospital. The colleague confirms this Yrio Lorentowho teaches Finnish and Finnish culture at Charles University, for ISIS on Friday evening. Dlasek was giving a lecture in the building where the 24-year-old shooter opened fire Thursday afternoon.

15 people were killed in the mass shooting, including the shooter. The shooting at Charles University is described as the deadliest attack since the Czech Republic became an independent country in 1993.

University lecturer Jan Dlaske had strong ties with Finland and the Finnish Swedes. The first book in the Czech language was written by Finnish-Swedish writers. His book A History of Swedish-Finnish Literature from Bourdieu's Social Perspective was published in the summer of 2018.

In an interview with Hufvudstadsbladet in 2019, Dlaske talked about the book, the relationship with Finland, and Finnish-Swedish literature.

In the 1990s, Jan Dlaske studied Swedish and Finnish at Charles University and wrote his doctoral thesis on the Finnish-Swedish cultural debate of the 1970s. He said in the interview that interest in Finnish languages ​​arose when he and his high school class visited Vaasa in 1990.

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