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One of them is suspected of environmental crimes – laundering large sums of money

The crimes are said to have been committed between 2020 and 2022. The criminal scheme involves transporting people from other EU countries to Sweden, registering them here, providing them with false work certificates, obtaining mobile bank identifiers for them and opening bank accounts in their names. .

When people then leave Sweden, the fraudsters use their identity documents and bank cards to commit various types of environmental crimes, says chamber prosecutor and leader of the preliminary investigation Sanna Neisser, at the Environmental Crime Agency in Stockholm.

It may be that the fraudster, as is suspected in the present case, is starting companies in the names of different people, which in turn are used for money laundering.

– I claim that he controlled the identities of these people, says Sana Nasser.

The people in these companies do not know they exist. It is very common for identities to be exploited in this way. Every other case about it.

Sanaa Nasser describes the as a kind of trade. People are smuggled into Sweden, taken to the tax authority and to a bank, only to be sent home two days later. In return, they receive some form of compensation, often money, she says.

– It takes time to create an exploiter identity because it has to look like these people live and work in Sweden. Only after a year or two can these identities be used as criminal tools.

money like that It is suspected that the fraudster was used to buy cars. The cars are then sold abroad, most likely to countries in the former Soviet Union, says Sana Nasser.

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– We don’t see where the cars go, but the money comes back somehow. This is a way to pay black labor, she says.

As evidence, the prosecution relied on a large number of recorded calls, conversations, and other communications. Preliminary investigations are also underway against a number of other people suspected of involvement in the entanglement, and therefore further charges are expected. Negotiations begin at Sodertorn District Court next week.

The man denies his sin.