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Operating the instruments of the James Webb Space Telescope

Operating the instruments of the James Webb Space Telescope

space telescope James Webbwhich is located 1.5 million kilometers from Earth, has completed the phase of alignment of its scientific instruments, which are already operational, it was announced NASA.

Its four powerful instruments, the three image processors and a spectrometer, have successfully aligned with the main mirror (6.5 meters in diameter), whose publication ended in early January, two weeks after the launch of the James Webb Telescope (JWST).

Every tool has arrived Operating temperature NASA said in a statement that it is ready for use.

Pending the arrival of the first scientific observations (scheduled for summer), it has been confirmed that the instruments are capable of “taking sharp, well-directed images” such as, for example, the Large Magellanic Cloud, a dwarf galaxy, a satellite of the Milky Way. , captured by Miriam’s Tool.

“This first image is great, because we already have the quality we were looking for,” Pierre-Olivier Laguige, scientific director of Mary at the French scientific research organization CEA, wrote on Twitter.

He added, “Everything is going well and … I am sure that with JWST we will advance science in giant strides.”

“These test images show what can be achieved among people from different countries and continents when there is a brave scientific vision to explore the universe,” said Lee Feinberg, component leader for the JWST telescope on NASA’s Goddard space flight.

cost of james webb telescope 10 billion dollarsfocuses on the hope of astronomers from all over the world, because it will allow us to observe the first galaxies, which formed about 200 million years after the Big Bang.

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