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Parts of the Swedish embassy were moved from Kiev

“The State Department reiterates its call on Swedes who remain in Ukraine to leave the country as soon as possible,” Secretary of State Ann Linde wrote on Twitter.

Already on Sunday, a decision was made to reduce the number of embassy staff in Kiev, about ten people, due to the deteriorating security situation. The message was then, as now, that the embassy in Kiev is open until further notice.

“We are still in Kiev, unlike many other people who have closed their embassies, which is very grateful to the Ukrainians,” Lindy told TT on Sunday.

It is not clear how many

For security reasons, the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not want to specify how many will remain in the capital after moving to Lviv, but there are still embassy staff deployed in Kiev.

“In consultation with the embassy, ​​this decision is now being implemented at the same time as the necessary security measures are being taken,” the press service wrote in a comment to TT.

The press service further stated that the embassy maintains its primary mission, but its scope could be affected by the security situation. Opportunities for consular support are also increasingly limited.

Safety Priority

“The starting point is that activities at the embassy in Kiev will continue as long as they are compatible with the security situation and Swedish interests. The safety of embassy staff is a top priority,” the press service wrote.

The Swedish decision to move parts of the business to Lviv is in line with what several other countries decided earlier. The defense alliance also moved parts of its personnel to Lviv.

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TT has sought Ann Linde who is not available for interviews on Wednesday.