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Patch 1.02 now allows you to transfer saved games to PS5

One week before the launch Final Fantasy VII Intergrade Remake, the enhanced version of 2020 JRPG for PS5, Square Enix has released the 1.02 update for Remake of FFVII (PS4). Through this update, owners Final Fantasy VII Remake They can finally bring their archives and trophies to Sony’s latest console.

It must be remembered that only those who bought the original version of the PlayStation 4 can upgrade it to the PlayStation 5 for free. This option is not available to those who acquired the title through PlayStation Plus.

How to transfer saved data from Remake of FFVII From PS4 to PS5?

After installing the patch 1.02 update, gamers Remake of FFVII (PS4) Just start the game and go to the main menu. There is a choice Loading Saved Data. Once selected, players must manually choose which saves they want to upload to the cloud. Finally, they have to download it to the latest Sony console. However, it should be noted that this last option will not be available until launch FFVII Remake Intergrade and PS5.

What will the news include Intergrade?

In addition to many graphical and performance improvements, Final Fantasy VII Intergrade Remake You will enjoy other updates. This includes Portrait Mode, DualSense controller support, and new difficulty settings. This reboot will also show up “interruption”: Campaign starring Yuffie Kisaragi. Here you can see all the news it will bring. However, this special class must be purchased separately.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Available for PS4, but coming soon to Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. If you haven’t read our review of the game, Follow this link.

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