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Peter Holtqvist on espionage revelation: “act from day one”

Via Danish cables, the NSA has managed to spy on top politicians and senior officials in Sweden, and SVT Nyheter can reveal this with Danmarks, NRK, NDR, WDR, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Le Monde radio.

The information about the interception did not reach Defense Secretary Peter Holtqvist until last Thursday, when he received questions about the information from an SVT reporter.

As soon as I learned that the information was available, I called the Danish minister. I think our reference to the Danish government has passed. What the Danes declared was that it was unacceptable to eavesdrop on the Allies. Officially, we have also been in contact with Germany, France and the United States, Defense Minister Peter Holtqvist said on his agenda on Sunday.

The Danish colleague knew – but said nothing

According to the disclosure, Danish Defense Minister Tren Bramsen (S) would know the information already last summer, but she did not inform her Swedish colleague, Peter Holtqvist. Something he could ask about on his Sunday agenda:

Should your Danish colleague inform you once she had the knowledge?

Asked this question on the Danish side, the Minister of Defense answers.

‘Cases Covered in Confidentiality’

Sweden also cooperates with the United States when it comes to intelligence.

No wonder we have cooperated with the United States. We have a well-established intelligence cooperation with the United States. There is nothing to hide.

But does the government know, then, which US is tapping Swedish cables?

Now we come to the cases covered by secrecy. But we do not operate businesses targeting other countries in the North region. Peter Holtqvist answers: We do not engage in any activity targeting Danish or Norwegian politicians.

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Should we trust you in the same way that the Danes listen to their government?

This is not something that is handled with the left hand and is not taken very seriously.

– If a mistake appears and must be corrected, of course, Defense Minister Peter Holtqvist answers.