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Picasso’s Ex-Girlfriend Dies – She Turns 101 |  News

Picasso’s Ex-Girlfriend Dies – She Turns 101 | News

Françoise Gilot was already an active artist when she met Pablo Picasso at the age of 21 in a restaurant in Paris. Despite the big age difference – Picasso was over 40 years old – they started a relationship.

Over the next ten years, Françoise Gilot was rarely praised for her own works. Instead, she became known to the public as Picasso’s friend and muse.

Later on, she was also elevated due to her unique decision. Unlike many of his other mistresses, she chose to leave him.

The separation came in 1953, when they had two children together.

Picasso’s reaction

In his memoir Life with Picasso, Gilot talks about his reaction after I made the decision, The New York Times writes.

Do you think people will care about you? It is said that Picasso said.

They will never, really, be alone. Even if you thought people like you, it would only be a form of curiosity about someone who touched my life in such an intimate way.

After the relationship, Françoise Gilots continued to paint and exhibit her work. She has also published several books, and in 1970 she married the American scholar Jonas Salk, writing for The New York Times.

Françoise Gilot passed away on Tuesday at the age of 101. Slept in a hospital in Manhattan, New York. Gilot’s daughter, Aurelia Engel, told the New York Times that she suffered from heart and lung problems.

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