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PlayStation Challenge with rewards and hardware prizes

Sony will soon launch the “Conquer the Throne” challenge, where you can participate and win rewards. Together it is important to collect millions of points.

Sony has announced a new challenge for the PlayStation called “Conquer the Throne”. The goal of the challenge is to collect points together. These are set through specific activities. These include:

  • Play a game = 10 points
  • Playing an online game with a friend = 15 points
  • Use sharing features = 5 points
  • Get a bronze trophy = 5 points
  • Earning a silver shield = 10 points
  • Earning a golden shield = 20 points
  • Win five titles in one game = 25 bonus points

All players who sign up for the challenge can get personalized rewards and exclusive rewards once they hit a goal with the community. Rewards are sent directly to players’ PS4/PS5 consoles via a system message two days after the respective stage has been completed.

The challenge is divided into three stages. These include:

  • level 1: You’ve earned a total of 25 million points as of November 2, 2021. So the reward is two PSN exclusives.
  • The second phase: Achieve a total of 100 million points once the first stage is completed. Success is rewarded with five exclusive PSN avatars.
  • Stage 3: Achieve a total of 160 million points once the second stage is completed. An exclusive PS4 dynamic design and three exclusive PSN avatars are available as rewards.

Win PS5

Participants can also participate in the raffle. PlayStation 5 console, “PlayStation Shapes” ring set for the king and bundle with Pulse 3D wireless headset looking for new owners. To win, you have to answer a series of questions during the event, which will be answered between November 17, 2021 at 7:00 PM CET and November 19, 2021 at 8:59 AM CET. on this page are posted.

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More about PlayStation:

You can learn more about the challenge On the official PlayStation Blog. If you want to participate in “Conquer the Throne”, You must register on this page. Please note that you can only get rewards for the stages you have participated in.

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