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PlayStation Plus: Disfruta gratis de Hunter’s Arena: Legends, Plantas vs Zombies y Tennis World Tour 2

Sony abandons its subscribers PlayStation Plus Game PS5 / PS4 and two addresses for PS4You can get these video games from August 3.

Hunter Arena: Legends | PS4, PS5

Hunter’s Arena has been announced in State of Play, and it’s coming to PlayStation Plus for both PS4 How do PS5. This 30-player Battle Royale takes place in an ancient era where humanity battles each other and a legion of demons.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville | PS4

This shooter is back for the EA team. The Plants vs. Game Zombies expands Battle for Neighborville with 20 fully customizable character classes.

You can team up with your friends and fight in co-op, face hordes of enemies, fight against others online or challenge everyone in the new Battle Arena.

Tennis World Tour 2 | PS4

Play as the best player in the world or create your own pro and try to name the world rankings. Play for fun or dash in the ranked world to hone your skills. In Career Mode, manage your season, team, team, and sponsors. Also face friends locally or online in matching games. singles or doubles.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, WWE 2K Battlegrounds, and A Plague Tale: Innocence Games will remain free until August 2.

Annual subscription PlayStation Plus cost $60 It is necessary for users Playstation 4 and 5 Play online. On a monthly basis, the company gives free video games to subscribers that can be played as long as the membership is active.

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