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PlayStation records a worldwide decline in its online services

PlayStation users around the world Report that PlayStation Network (PSN .)) since the morning of Wednesday, March 23. The flaw affects players on both PlayStation 4 and PS5who cannot access services such as multiplayer games and use other cloud services offered by the company.

According to a message posted from the company’s Twitter account, Sony workers are investigating the origin of the failure trying to solve it as quickly as possible.

“We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers. We are conducting research and restoration work, ”the message posted on the social network reads.

When you check the PlayStation website, which provides information about the status of their services, you can read about it Affected services include, at least in the United States, the Games, PlayStation Now and PlayStation Store sectors.

Other countries that also experience failures are: United Kingdom, Argentina, Japan, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Germany, among others.

They need it The failure of these services occurred simultaneously as of 8:30 AM ETso the cause could be related.

According to what is known about the flaw, it will only partially affect the services that PlayStation provides in the cloud, since then Some users claim that they have not encountered any problems when using the multiplayer options

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Currently, Sony has not released any statement detailing the situation, so It is not known whether the error was the responsibility of the company or if, on the contrary, it was some kind of hacker attack.

Some people have speculated that The cause of the failure can be linked to the implementation of the software update on PlayStation 4 and PS5 which was scheduled to begin distribution on Wednesday. However, it is not known for certain whether these two components are related or not.

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