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Poland, a NATO country, is offering fighter jets to Ukraine

Poland, a NATO country, is offering fighter jets to Ukraine

On Thursday, President Duda said that Poland is preparing to deliver about ten MiG-29 combat aircraft, which were first manufactured in the Soviet Union and then in Russia. The first four aircraft must be delivered as quickly as possible.

– In the next few days, we will make our first delivery. Duda told reporters in Warsaw if I remember correctly, it was about four combat-ready planes.

in the end

– They are in their last years of service, but they are doing well.

Ukraine has long pleaded for fighter jets, but has mainly requested Western aircraft such as the US F-16 fighter.

NATO member states, such as Sweden, have rejected Ukrainian proposals to send combat aircraft made in the West.

However, the issue of supplying Soviet and Russian-made aircraft was not discussed. But the message Duda delivered at a news conference with Czech President Petr Pavel was clear.

According to Duda, the Polish Air Force’s MiG-29s have been replaced by South Korean FA 50 fighter jets and American F 35 fighter jets.

The neighboring country, which is also a NATO member, was surprised by the announcement.

Until now we all agreed that it was not the right time to send fighter jets. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said, “I have no confirmation from Poland on this matter.”

previous hints

Earlier, the Polish president proposed sending MiG-29s to Ukraine without specifying a timetable.

Slovakia also said it was ready to send the Russian type of aircraft to Ukraine.

Ukraine captured a number of MiG-29 fighter jets when the Soviet Union collapsed. It is not known how many of these became combat-ready after just over a year of Russian aggression.

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Poland was also the first country to offer Ukraine tanks of the German type Leopard 2. Only after negotiations with other NATO countries, it was decided to deliver Leopard 2 from several countries.

A Slovak fighter MiG-29 during a parade in the town of Malaki in August 2022. File photo. Photo: AP/TT