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Police violently put down a demonstration in Georgia

Police violently put down a demonstration in Georgia

Riot police crushed widespread protests in Tbilisi against the introduction of “Russian law” seen as distancing Georgia from the West, in a violent attack on demonstrators. The Guardian reports.

Security forces were deployed Water cannons, tear gas, and distraction bombs were used against the demonstrators and also physically assaulted them. According to witness statements, a number of journalists were attacked, including an Agence France-Presse photographer who was beaten with a rubber baton even though it was clear that he belonged to the press.

The demonstration is described as peaceful, although there are reports of protesters throwing eggs and bottles at police.

Member of Parliament and opposition leader Levan Khabishvili was severely beaten and had to seek medical care. He had large bruises on his face and worn out teeth.

After the demonstrators About 2,000 people dispersed in Parliament, and continued to block Tbilisi's main street, Rustaveli Avenue.

In a statement on X, Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili strongly opposed what she said was unjustified brutality against the peaceful demonstration.

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Photograph: Giorgi Argevanidze/AFP

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Photograph: Giorgi Argevanidze/AFP

Protests are targeted Against the introduction of a new law described as a copy of Russian laws that classify organizations as “foreign agents” if they receive more than 20 percent of their income from abroad.

The bill is a variation of the law that the ruling Georgian Dream party tried to pass last year. Statements issued by the government also make clear who is targeted by the law: international organizations investigating cases of corruption and abuse of power, as well as independent opposition media.

Invoices are welcomed from As for the Russian side, the opposition in deeply divided Georgia views it as a choice between Russia and the West.

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