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Portugal has launched a floating solar power plant. It is the largest structure of this type in Europe – Economy

On Friday, Portuguese media, referring to the launch of a solar project on the Alqueva Dam reservoir, indicated that it was built on a site with one of the highest levels of sunlight in Europe.

The dam lake with an area of ​​about 250 square kilometers is the largest artificial water reservoir not only in Portugal but in the entire European Union, both in terms of area and volume of water it contains.

Portugal. floating solar power plant

As reported by O Journal Economics, the floating solar panels the size of four football fields have a total potential of 4 megawatts.

The floating power plant consists of 12 thousand. Solar panels mounted on a cork structure. It was built by the Portuguese company Corticeira Amorim and the Spanish company Isigenere, provided by the authorities of the Portuguese investor, the energy company EDP.

As we showed, placing solar panels on water increased their efficiency by 11%.

According to About Jornal Economico, EDP plans to start another floating solar power plant in Alqueva by 2025. It will have a capacity of 70 MW and be the largest investment in PV of this type in the world.

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